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Understanding Bipolar Disorder: Interview with Anna Lete

Narisma Content Warning: mention of rape  Anna and I at Art Fair PH, 2020 Anna Lete discusses mental health, being a Filipino creative, and the Instagram community. Find her there at @annaxmania , where she continually shares about her own experiences. An interview between Anna and Narisma Hi Anna! Thanks for speaking with me. I can’t believe we’ve known each other for about three years now! We met through Instagram and I was enamored by your poetry and visual art. Could you please describe what someone may expect to see on your Instagram page (@annaxmania)? Do you think you have a particular style or themes/topics you regularly discuss? It depends on how bored I am.  I go through phases with my writing or art in general depending on my mood. If you look at my Instagram page right now, all you’d see are blackout poems ‘cause I got obsessed with blackout poetry recently. . Rather, I got bored with everything else I was doing last year and discovered blackout poetry.  There are months wh

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